Hello, XWord Blog!

XWord Blog has a unique mission that differentiates it from the other crossword blogs on the web. Rather than analyzing the puzzles of the day, we will focus here on:

  1. Broader issues in the world of crosswords.
  2. XWord Info tips, tricks, and tours of new features.

Jeff Chen will continue to provide his daily thoughts on each NYT crossword on XWord Info but public comments will only be offered here.

XWord Info continues to evolve and as it grows in functionality, we will use this blog to keep you updated. We are retiring our email list, and all future updates will be here on this blog instead.

We’ll opine on some of those “broader issues” ourselves, but we also welcome outside submissions. See our home page for topic ideas.

As with any new venture, we have great plans but little idea where things will end up. You get to help drive this bus, so in part, this journey is up to you.

Wish us well. We look forward to your comments.


  1. Jeff/Jim
    Did anyone compile/post Jaffee’s MAD ‘predictions’ with Jacob’s theme entries, which would be revelatory to anyone too young to have been able to enjoy it in real time? I’m 74 and was a MAD subscriber from 8 or 9 into my teens so I know an effort like this would be an eye opener to this generation of puzzlers.


    1. Do you mean like the issues of MAD in which the “predictions” appear? Respectively, they are issues 234, 208, 109, 96 and 68. (It’s not clear why this information could not have been included.) Some of the theme answers seem to have been “adapted” from the original articles (especailly 22A and 38A)…

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