Infrastructure Week

We completed our latest XWord Info upgrade and we’ve now settled comfortably into our new home on the Azure cloud.

Will you notice or care? Maybe not, but there are many advantages for us and for you. We can now upgrade the site with bug fixes or new features with zero downtime. (It used to take about two and a half minutes to recover every time we had to re-compile our code.) We get all kinds of extra telemetry telling us about bugs we couldn’t easily notice before. Most importantly, pages render more quickly, especially Finder searches. You might still experience delays with complicated RegEx searches, but even those requests are markedly quicker. Azure can scale arbitrarily large, so we’re now prepared for whatever the future brings.

This is the fourth time we’ve made major infrastructure improvements. Each time it’s been driven by the increased popularity of our site, so we thank you for forcing us to do extra work. Seriously, we never imagined XWord Info would become so popular. We’re proud that it has become the de facto archive of NYT crosswords.

As with any such change, it’s likely some things broke in the move. Please let us know if you find bugs.


  1. Did this (or another recent change) impact the ‘drop down’/expanding text functionality in, for instance, the FAQ page or the crossword notes?
    For the last week, I’ve been unable to use them, and I don’t believe I made updates on my side.
    I presume it is a JS function or even just CSS doing the collapsing/expansion of text, but it just ain’t workin’.

Your thoughts?