Virtual Crossword Tournaments

TL;DR – Yes, you should attend. They’re fun. Crossword tournaments have long been a way for puzzle-heads to commiserate with other addicts. You get to hang out with like-minded thinkers around the proverbial pencil sharpeners, and nobody judges you for bringing OREOS over to the bar. Or ALOE. Or your EMU. The ACPT The grandfather… Continue reading Virtual Crossword Tournaments

Acrostic Quotes and Full Quotes (NSFW?)

A couple of warnings before we begin: This post contains spoilers for some older Acrostic puzzles. If you’re planning on working your way through them, avert your eyes now. This post contains a story that might imply surprising sexual conduct. Viewer discretion advised. Acrostics seem to involve a different part of the solving brain than… Continue reading Acrostic Quotes and Full Quotes (NSFW?)

Can I have your data?

We’re often asked, “I have a cool idea for a project, but I need tons of NYT crossword data. Can I have yours?” Thanks to this blog, instead of writing long explanations, I can just point people to this post. Score! The short answer is “no.” The long answer is, “No. Well, maybe. But probably… Continue reading Can I have your data?

Hello, XWord Blog!

XWord Blog has a unique mission that differentiates it from the other crossword blogs on the web. Rather than analyzing the puzzles of the day, we will focus here on: Broader issues in the world of crosswords. XWord Info tips, tricks, and tours of new features. Jeff Chen will continue to provide his daily thoughts… Continue reading Hello, XWord Blog!