Analyze your own crosswords

XWord Info started as a website mostly for curious solvers. Over the years, the site has evolved and is now equally aimed at helping constructors create their best work. We have Jeff Chen’s word list, some sample Python scripts, and a Finder page that has been used more than 13 million times. (An upcoming post… Continue reading Analyze your own crosswords

Crosswords and Computers

Crosswords used to be constructed entirely by hand. Watch Garson Hampfield reminisce about the old days. I love this guy. Some constructors still use graph paper, but almost all published crosswords now benefit from some computer assistance. The Auto-Amazing-Theme-Generator™ has yet to be invented, but software such as Crossword Compiler for PCs or Crossfire for… Continue reading Crosswords and Computers

Acrostic Quotes and Full Quotes (NSFW?)

A couple of warnings before we begin: This post contains spoilers for some older Acrostic puzzles. If you’re planning on working your way through them, avert your eyes now. This post contains a story that might imply surprising sexual conduct. Viewer discretion advised. Acrostics seem to involve a different part of the solving brain than… Continue reading Acrostic Quotes and Full Quotes (NSFW?)